Our admissions process is designed to find out if we are the right school for your child, a place where she will thrive personally and academically. We hope that Dodderhill will be that place.

Most parents like to start their search by looking at our prospectus. To request a copy please click here or email or call 01905 778290. 

The next step is a visit so that you can meet our teachers and pupils, explore our classrooms and grounds and get a feel for whether we are the right school for your family. In an informal interview with our Headmistress, Mrs Mawston, you can discuss your child and her interests, abilities and expectations.

 Your child may see the school for the first time at an open day or on an individual visit but the best way to find out if she will be happy here is a Taster Day. She will spend the day with her prospective classmates, enjoy all that a typical day at Dodderhill has to offer and get to know her way around the school.

The admissions process varies depending on the year group your child is planning to join.

 Pre-Prep Section


Taster Morning with their teacher and future classmates.

Years 1 to 4

Taster Day which includes individual assessment in reading, spelling and numeracy.

Prep Section

Years 5 to 8

Entrance Assessment (with English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning papers) followed by a short interview with our Headmistress, Mrs Mawston. Entrance Assessments are held in October and February each year but we are able to consider applications at other times. 

 Senior Section

Years 9 to 11

We strongly advise that pupils join us at the latest in Year 9, so that they are fully prepared and integrated into the school before commencing their GCSE courses. However, if you have particular circumstances that you would like the school to consider, please contact our Registrar for a discussion.

Entrance papers in English and Mathematics, along with an interview with our Headmistress, Mrs Mawston is required for entry into Year 9.

 To request a copy of our prospectus or arrange a visit please click here or  email or call Mrs Wood (Registrar) 01905 778290.




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