5 Reasons to choose a Girls' School






She will have fewer distractions


She will focus on being herself, less likely to worry about her appearance.  She will take part in P.E. without worrying about personal comments.  Behaviour is excellent.  She will learn to take risks because she will be encouraged to.


She will benefit from teachers experienced in teaching girls


Teachers sympathetic to the needs of girls, especially in teenage years. Nurturing and encouraging.  Using female role models to inspire girls’ aspirations. Positive relationships with staff and girls.


She will benefit from a focused educational and community environment


We only focus on girls, their needs and activities.  Facilities are only for girls.  Girls support each other to do well.


Her career aspirations will not be limited or discouraged


No gender stereotypes, all subjects and careers are for girls.  No limit on career aspirations.  Giving girls the tools to break through the glass ceiling.


“When girls go to single sex school, they stop being the audience and become the players” Robin Robertson


One of most compelling benefits of girls schools- who wants their daughter to sit back and be passive? We give her a ‘can do’ attitude to allow her leadership skills and other strengths to flourish