List of Teaching Staff 2018-19





Head of Senior Section


Head of Preparatory Section


Head of Pre-Prep Section

Mrs C Mawston, BA Hons, Dip CEG


Mrs S Howell CPFA


Mrs A Cartwright, BSc Hons


Mrs S Clay, BSc Hons


Miss S Berwick, BA Hons 
 All teaching staff hold a relevant teaching qualification

 Mrs E Barnett, BA Hons


Miss S Berwick, BA Hons EYTS


Mrs R Bradley, BA Hons


Miss L Cassidy, Bsc Hons


Mrs A Cartwright, Bsc Hons


Mrs S Clay, Bsc Hons


Mrs S Loveday-Fuller, BEd Hons


Mrs A Greenwood, BA Hons


Mr N Griffin, Bsc Hons


Mrs R Hatfield, BA Hons


Mrs C Churchill  BA Hons 


Mrs J Hodges, B Ed Hons


Mrs S Johnson, MEng Hons


Mrs A MacRae, BA Hons



Mrs N Motaban, Maitrise FLE


Mr J McGrath, BSc Hons


Mrs C Salter, BSc Hons


Mrs C Vinson, BMus Hons


Mr C Walmsley, BA Hons


Mrs C Williams, BA Hons


Mrs R Quinn, BA Hons


Mrs S Maylor-Wrout, BA Hons Level 7 Dip SpLD



Head of Pre-Prep, Year 3 &4 Class Teacher, Forest School Leader


Textiles & PSHERE, Leader of Booker House


Physical Education & Leader of Whitford House


Head of Senior Section & Mathematics


Head of Preparatory Section, English and Drama


Chemistry & Head of Science


History & Deputy Head of Senior Section


Biology & Duke of Edinburgh Leader


Art and Gifted & Talented Coordinator


Year 2 Class Teacher


Reception & Year 1 Class Teacher


Head of Mathematics


English, Maths, French & Spanish  and
Deputy Head of Prep Section






Geography and Exams & Compliance Office


Head of Music


Head of English




SEN Support Maths