Prep Academic Excellence

The Preparatory Section of Dodderhill school is a lively and bustling place, both in and out of the classroom.  In the classroom, our focus remains on providing highly academic lessons, fully supporting the range of abilities seen within all of our pupils, whilst developing independent strong women of the future.  From as early as the Pre-prep, pupils receive specialist teaching in a wide range of subjects including Modern Foreign Languages, Music, PE and Food Studies.  From Year 5, when girls move into the Prep Section, pupils move to subject specific classrooms for each of their lessons.  They work more independently to arrive promptly and with all of the equipment they need to engage in their learning journey.  All lessons are fully differentiated to cater for the wide range of abilities a non-selective school like ours welcomes.  Our teachers work hard to provide activities that stimulate discussions and engage learning to stretch knowledge and understanding beyond the expected levels for age appropriate progress, yet we are able to offer support for pupils that need more practise and time to achieve their goals.


Internal assessments are carried out across the range of curriculum subjects and grades are given from Year 7 based on indicative GCSE scores to enable pupils to understand their own potential in readiness to take their GCSE options at the end of Year 8.