Senior Academic Excellence


Dodderhill Independent Girls aims to give every girl an excellent, well-balanced education, developing her intellectual, creative and physical abilities to the full. Small class sizes and the expertise and devotion of our staff allow us to focus on the needs of each girl to ensure that she achieves her potential.

The academic results at Dodderhill speak for themselves with overall pass rates consistently putting us at, or very near, the top of league tables. GCSE examination results are consistently well above the national average year on year and we are very proud of them, particularly as we are not a highly selective school.

2015      100% of girls achieved 5 GCSEs (grade C and above)

                78% of the grades were A*, A or B

2016      100% of girls achieved 5 GCSEs (grade C and above)

                80% of the grades were A*, A or B

2017       93% of girls achieved 5 GCSEs (grade C or 4 and above)

                74% of the grades were A*, A or B (or level 6 to 9)

We provide a bespoke curriculum that caters for the strengths and abilities of all girls which includes those who are very able. We offer the Additional Maths Qualification for gifted Mathematicians, a double art option and art masterclasses for our most talented artists, sports leadership and an extensive range of musical opportunities all of which run alongside a variety of extension and enrichment activities that form our gifted and talented programme.