Our Values

Dodderhill School is a deliberately small school because we value the uniqueness of every individual child.  Dodderhill girls leave with a sense of place, affection and appreciation of the uniqueness of their educational experience.  We offer a bespoke education with excellent academic achievement without being a pressurised ‘hot house’.  The recent inspection report (2011) commented, ‘The pupils throughout the school are exemplary learners’.  Our results are consistently the best in Worcestershire.

Manners are important including, table manners.  We take pride in our formal, family lunches which include pupils being served by senior girls starting with grace and asking permission to leave after clearing up the table.  It is a school where doors are held open for everyone and politeness is perfectly normal.

Dodderhill School whilst being progressive and forward thinking places great emphasis on traditional values.  Inspectors found “from an early age, the pupils show themselves to be friendly, courteous, helpful individuals, sensitive to others’ needs and willing to take responsibility.”

We adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils not the other way around.  This ensures everyone is challenged, stretched and stimulated at the appropriate level.  It is not unusual for girls to take AS examinations with their GCSEs.

The girls are loyal to their peers, teachers and the school as a whole.  Girls take pride in their environment and appearance by the time they are sixteen, “girls develop into articulate and charming young women”.