Dodderhill, as primarily an independent girls’ school and a deliberately small school is able to construct an academic curriculum which is tailored to meet the needs of girls and how they learn.  The curriculum is designed as a bespoke fit to suit the choices that individual girls make for their GCSE choices.  Girls who have specific gifts and talents are provided with the opportunity to extend themselves by taking extra GCSEs or even AS level qualifications.

All girls’ schools are so successful because we:

  1. Create opportunities for appropriate, educational risk-taking
  2. Give girls room to decide for themselves who they are
  3. Reinforce a ‘can do’ philosophy
  4. Make sure that learning takes centre stage, with social life reserved for outside the classroom
  5. Teach collaborative as well as competitive skills
  6. Guarantee that mathematics, science, and technology are integral parts of the curriculum
  7. Promote sports for both leadership and team play
  8. Maximise girls’ verbal/writing skills in learning
  9. Offer strong female role models
  10. Emphasise ‘real life’ skills such as financial literacy, leadership, and service to the community

For further information on our curriculums, please visit our Junior or Senior curriculum pages.