Senior Curriculum

The broad curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 is designed to informs pupils’ GCSE choices.

Girls typically take 10 GCSEs in Year 11 (with ICT GCSE in Year 10)

 Subject/Year Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Y11
Maths Y Y Y Y Y
English Y Y Y Y Y
English Lit. Y Y Y Y Y
Biology Y Y Y Y Y
Chemistry Y Y Y Y Y
Physics Y Y Y Y Y
History Y Y Y O O
Geography Y Y Y O O
French Y Y Y O O
Spanish Y Y Y O O
R.E. Y Y Y Y Y
I.C.T. Y Y Y Y Y
Art Y Y Y O O
Catering Y Y Y O O
Music Y Y Y O O
Textiles Y Y Y O O
P.E. Y Y Y O O

Y – Studied by all pupils
O – GCSE Options

Core options are: Mathematics, English, English Literature, Core and Advanced Science, History or Geography, French or German, Religious Education and ICT.

Plus two of the following – Art, Catering, Music, Textiles, a 2nd humanity or 2nd modern language.

Gifted and talented girls may take AS Maths and AS Music Technology alongside GCSE.

Physical Education GCSE is offered as an ‘extra’ option.

Weekly lessons in PE and Personal & Social Education.