Children make the most dramatic progress in their education between Kindergarten and Year 2. They learn to read, write and understand numbers. Our junior school teachers excel at building a sound foundation, one that develops these skills without knocking confidence.

Our Junior School teachers encourage each pupil, helping her to build strong academic skills, social confidence and self-belief. Lively classrooms, lessons with subject specialists and imaginative hands-on projects inspire our youngest pupils. They learn by reading, writing, listening and doing – and they flourish.

By Year 5, all classes are taught by subject specialists and many use our excellent senior school facilities. We balance our pupils’ desire for more responsibility and independence with their need for support and structure.

Our teachers assess your daughter’s progress on a daily basis. Without the narrow focus of testing, she can enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum helping her to develop her creativity, to think logically, to express her thoughts clearly and concisely, and to use facts to test and support her ideas.

Small classes mean that teachers know every girl and can offer individual pastoral support that is so important as she matures.