School Life

Ask our pupils what they like most about Dodderhill and they will tell you in two
words – my friends.

We know how important friends are and we encourage our pupils to develop the self-awareness, empathy, tolerance and assertiveness that will help them to build and maintain friendships.

We want every child to feel happy about coming to school. Although our teachers know the children so well that they can usually spot a problem before it has started, we actively encourage pupils and parents to share any concerns that they may have. Our Deputy Heads, Miss Betteridge and Mrs Clancy, are responsible for pastoral care but it is a responsibility that is willingly shared by all our teachers who have every child’s best interests at heart.


We encourage our pupils to recognise their responsibility as members of a community, whether it is their class, their house or the wider community.

House fundraising inspires ingenuity as well as fierce competition. The results are fantastic – from regular cake sales, non-uniform days, sponsored toddles, bag packing at a supermarket, selling home-made cards and fashion shows – our pupils, with the generous support of their families, typically raise over £6,000 each year for local, national and international charities.

With fewer than 220 pupils, this reflects their commitment and enthusiasm.