Creative subjects provide a welcome change from the core curriculum. With weekly lessons in each subject, girls can explore each one in depth helping to inform their GCSE choices. They also provide another opportunity to excel.

Dodderhill is a school that encourages and values creativity so the Creative Arts are central to our ethos. Music, art, textiles, drama and catering give plenty of scope for self-expression and independent thought. Weekly lessons with teachers who are passionate about their subjects mean that our pupils create truly impressive pieces of work. 

The high standards achieved mean that girls regularly enter and win awards in a variety of local, regional and national competitions. 


As well as reading music, composing, singing and instrumental work, pupils develop an appreciation of music that will last a lifetime. Individual tuition is available from Reception. Enthusiastic pupils can join one of several ensembles – choral or instrumental, modern or classical. Regular performances, in assemblies, concerts and at local festivals are invaluable. Our choral tradition is well known.


Our art curriculum encourages pupils to look at the world in a new way, meshing the inspiration provided by established artists, visits to galleries and museums with their own imaginations. The variety of styles, media and quality of their work, highlights the success of an approach that encourages creative freedom.  


Drama, integrated with English, brings literature to life. Our junior and senior school productions are outstanding examples of hard work, technical skill and real dramatic talent. Every pupil is involved, on stage or behind the scenes – and they love it!


Textiles offers pupils a similarly exciting outlet for self-expression supported by technical skills that, once mastered, will prove invaluable.


As its name suggests, catering encourages a professional approach to food – a passion for ingredients combined with the technical skills and nutritional knowledge to create beautiful, mouth-watering dishes.