Small teaching groups and individual attention continue to make a huge difference to pupils in our senior school. If a girl does not seem to be performing as well our teachers know that she can, we find out why. We can then talk to her and her parents to find out how we can help.

In our Senior School, girls focus on their GCSEs and begin preparing for their lives beyond Dodderhill. Our curriculum is designed to help pupils meet the admission requirements of the most competitive sixth forms in the area and to be ready for future academic challenges. We help each girl to choose a GCSE programme that is not only rigorous but also reflects her strengths and interests.

Our girls are multi-talented and have support for whatever they want to do. Some of the most gifted artists are often brilliant scientists, writers, athletes or musicians. All the girls are involved in so many things and have so many interests.

At 16 years old…

Dodderhill has links with the many excellent sixth forms in the area. A well structured careers guidance programme focussing on the application and selection process helps girls to find the school or college which best meets their individual needs. Sound foundations provide girls with the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle the challenge of A levels and higher education.